Simi Valley Oven Repair

Oven repair

Six money saving tips that will extend the life of your Oven, Stove or Range  and lower the cost of energy.
1.    Clean Ovens, Stoves and Ranges control panel regularly by removing knobs and buttons and clean them with a mild dish detergent. Clean the surface of the control panel with a nonabrasive mild cleaner. Do not spray or expose the control panel directly to liquids. Spray directly into the cloth, wipe clean and wipe dry. Abrasives may cause scratches and corrosion on glass control panels.
2.    Clean porcelain or glass cooktops with a nonabrasive mild cleaner baking soda and warm damp cloth. Abrasives may cause scratches and corrosion on glass control panels.
3.    Clean burner drip pans thoroughly to bring out the shine needed to properly radiate heat back. To keep them functional, clean regularly and replace every two years. Never cover with aluminum foil because the foil may cause an electrical short.
4.    Carefully clean around burners and elements. Look for bubbles and blister on the coils of the burners. This indicates that the heating element may be burned-out
5.    Carefully clean around gasket seals. Use a mild, nonabrasive cleaner to clean in order to maintain proper temperature control and system efficiency. Replace corroded or brittle seals.
6.    Remove glass coverings to replace light bulbs. Replace with 40 watt bulb usually located behind a small glass dome near the upper left or right side of the inside of the oven. Check owner’s manual for exact specs.
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