Causes of noisy Washing machines


So you are sitting in the living room and you notice a loud clacking noise coming from the laundry room,you run in and find that you washing machine is causing all the ruckus. So what do you do?

Here are some tips to help you diagnose that noise and pinpoint the problem to avoid further repairs:

Check to see if there are any loose items in your washing machine

  1. Loose items such as change,pencils, and jewelery are the common causes of washing machine noise.
  2. Depending on the lighting in your laundry room, you may require a flashlight to locate these items.

Make sure your washing machine is completely balanced

  1. If you have determined loose items are not the problem then the next is to make sure your washing machine is balanced correctly.
  2. The source of the noise may stem from your washing machine’s drum bearings,that is why it is important to check for this.
  3. Begin this step by making sure your washing machine is turned off and unplugged and that the device’s water supply has been shut off.
  4. After disconnecting the washer, use a screwdriver to remove the back cover of your washing machine and locate its drive belt.
  5. Next, remove the belt. After removing the belt, use your hands to spin your washing machine’s drum. If you hear a rumbling noise then it is your drum bearings that need to be replaced.

If this does not help your problem feel free to call us

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